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The Future Of Open Source In The Age Of AI: Analysts Break Down Open Source Summit Insights
SiliconANGLE , Wednesday, May 10,2023
May 19, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

Open-source computing is facing an inflection point when it comes to enterprise use cases.

The recent surge in artificial intelligence presents a challenge to open source and could potentially topple generations of open-source work.

'No one wants to bet against open source,' said industry analyst John Furrier (pictured, left). 'However, open source is in trouble right now because of the AI wave. We're seeing a lot of signals where there are pressure points coming in this tornado of open source that puts a lot of things at risk.'

The organizational model, project model, licensing model and human equation are all areas of concern for open source in the face of the AI surge. However, startups, companies and non-profits will all leverage the value of open source, and finding a balance between using open source and making money will be important, Furrier added.

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