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Business continuity plans and strategies require the involvement of many different members of your organization, but to be effective during a crisis, these individuals need to have practiced their roles. This is where business continuity exercising comes in, as Julie Miranto explains...

What is a business continuity exercise and why are they important?

Running business continuity exercises gives the executive leadership team of an organization and other designated incident responders the opportunity to play out realistic disaster scenarios that could disrupt their regular business. How would they react? Do they have a thorough understanding of the incident response plans and protocol in place, and can they effectively act in a moment of crisis? Exercises put business continuity plans and their application to the test.

During exercises, plan participants face various problems to solve as if disaster was striking in real-time. Depending on your company's unique goals, multiple types of exercises could be effective.

Ultimately, the goal is for organizational leaders and plan participants to become familiar with business continuity strategies. These exercises also help companies improve their plans to better address the organization's current needs.

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