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Data Catalog Tools
Dataversity, Wednesday, May 10,2023
Data catalog tools work with data catalogs to make them more efficient. Data catalogs typically come with tools included as part of the data catalog package. The tools included with data catalogs have been developed to support data quality, analytics, and compliance with data privacy regulations. Unfortunately, the number of independently sourced tools for data catalogs is essentially nonexistent.

Generally speaking, the independent tools described in various articles as supporting data catalogs are data analytics platforms, which use the data catalog as a tool.

In most articles titled 'Data Catalog Tools,' the topic ends up being about data catalogs, not the tools designed to supplement them. (Software developers take note: The sheer volume of searches suggests a need for data catalog tools.)

Data catalogs are used to develop and store the detailed inventory of an organization's data assets and are designed to help researchers locate useful data, as needed. They use metadata - a label using data to summarize and identify data files and assets - to collect, organize, and access the data, and to support a searchable inventory for the organization's data.

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