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IT News - CxO
4 Trends Impacting Tech CEOs In 2023
Uncertainty, longer sales cycles, shifts in talent expectations, and capital constraints are challenging tech CEOs to lead through change.
CEOs at companies selling technology products and services must lead through change. This year presents an environment of continued uncertainty, yet the need for tech CEOs' continued growth has never been more prominent.

Tech CEOs must look to understand market dynamics through the perspective of their buyers and customers; however, doing so will present new challenges. Amidst shifts in economic, sales, talent, and investment dynamics, tech CEOs will be tasked with making key decisions to continue driving growth. Here are four key trends that tech CEOs should be watching for this year, and the actions to take to lead through the uncertainty ahead.

InformationWeek, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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5 Surefire Ways To Derail A Digital Transformation (Without Knowing It)
Leading complex, interrelated digitive initiatives is challenging enough without setting back your strategy by falling prey to these common DX leadership mistakes.
Despite the best of intentions, CIOs and their organizations often struggle to deliver business outcomes from digital transformation strategies. According to research firm Gartner, 89% of corporate boards say digital is embedded in all business growth strategies, but only 35% of organizations are on track to achieve digital transformation goals. And while KPMG reports that 72% of CEOs have aggressive digital investment strategies, McKinsey details a harsh reality that 70% of transformations fail.

Stats such as these raise the question: How can CIOs and digital transformation leaders better recognize failure signs and proactively address issues?

CIO, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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MIT-CIO Event Explores Digital Resilience Amid Disruption
Allan Tate, executive chair of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, shares an overview of the 2023 event, including focus areas such as cybersecurity and tech evaluation.
The CIO role is becoming increasingly difficult as both disruptions and technological sophistication grows.

This year's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is tackling some of those challenges, with the theme "Driving Digital Resilience in a Turbulent World." It takes place on May 15 and 16 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel at 40 Edwin H. Land Blvd. in Cambridge, Mass.

The event's executive chair Allan Tate talked with Diann Daniel, an executive editor at TechTarget, to discuss the event's history and this year's focus on balancing cybersecurity issues with enterprise technology choices. He also shared why CIOs need to become strategic, agile and proactive.

SearchCIO, Friday, May 5,2023
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The (Security) Cost Of Too Much Data Privacy
The online fraud prevention industry has taken the brunt of increased privacy actions.
Recently, Meta agreed to pay $725 million to settle the privacy suit over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which became famous over alleged voter profiling and targeting during the 2016 US presidential election. The discussions on privacy and the illegal use of personal data have evolved so much since 2016 that Apple and Google have been moving toward more privacy-centric solutions. Apple's Safari blocks third-party cookies by default, and Google's Chrome will follow suit starting in late 2024. Several privacy-focused Internet browsers, such as Mozilla's Firefox and Brave, block fingerprinting users by default to preserve consumers' online privacy. However, there's a (security) cost to too much data privacy, and the online fraud prevention industry has taken the brunt of increased privacy actions.
DARK Reading, Friday, May 5,2023
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Insights From The 2023 RSA Conference: Generative AI, Quantum, And Innovation Sandbox
RSAC 2023 is a wrap! The Forrester security and risk team had 11 attendees at the RSA Conference last week. We really enjoyed meeting with clients and colleagues old and new - and now we're *exhausted.* It's no mystery why; as a team, we collectively participated in over 230 meetings and took more than 1.5 million steps (thank you, smartwatches!).
Forrester also hosted a standing-room-only reception for Forrester clients on Tuesday night, with an analyst panel discussing RSAC's trending topics moderated by Laura Koetzle and featuring analysts Heidi Shey, Sandy Carielli, Geoff Cairns, and Allie Mellen.

Forrester had three team members who spoke at RSAC 2023, including:...

Forrester, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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The Tale Of The Chief Digital Officer Is Still Being Written
New executive roles have historically emerged from macro shifts. For example, chief financial officers appeared in the 1960s as a response to the rising trend of conglomerates requiring complex bookkeeping to meet financial regulations; chief sustainability officers arose in response to decarbonization efforts. Chief digital officers (CDOs) are no exception.
As digital became vital to business growth, organizations needed a guide to navigate these unknown waters. Even in an economic downturn, companies are increasing spending on digital initiatives and emerging technologies. But who are these executives with wide responsibilities that span driving digital transformation, fostering digital culture, and optimizing digital channels and touchpoints?

The European consumer uses on average five channels (e.g., browser, app) and four devices (e.g., smartphone, smart speaker). This means that being where your customers are has tilted from involving the physical touchpoints to devices, channels, and platforms - and the CDO is the manager of this new experience portfolio.

Forrester, Friday, May 5,2023
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Fletcher Building CIO's Blueprint To Digitally Transform
As CIO of a large multi-national corporation, Joe Locandro is implementing an ambitious transformation agenda that serves both as a unifying platform for the company and a launchpad for dynamic digital innovation.
'You can never drive the car looking through the rearview mirror,' says Joe Locandro, CIO of Fletcher Building, Australasia's largest building materials supplier. 'As CIO, you have to keep looking ahead and feel comfortable in backing yourself. That's the difference between being CIO and an IT manager-one is responsible for getting things done, the other for a vision and making a difference.'

Fletcher Building is an $NZ8 billion organization made up of more than 30 companies that range from manufacturing, mining aggregates, road making, and more, and when it was time to digitally transform and better enable a data-driven and platforms-based business, Locandro's forward-thinking philosophy was integral in the company's efforts to succeed.

CIO, Friday, May 5,2023
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3 Signs You're About To Default On Your Technical Debt
With a solid data strategy and regular tech tune-ups, banks can maintain a growth-minded relationship with technology -- instead of hoping to avoid disaster.
In December, Southwest Airlines confronted a crisis during its busiest week of the year.

When a winter storm triggered mass delays, its 30-year-old flight scheduling system couldn't keep up. The result: close to 17,000 canceled flights -- and tens of thousands of stranded passengers and employees.

While the results were disastrous (both for travelers and the airline's finances), they were inevitable to a certain extent. Southwest had been patching up its aging for years. December's perfect storm of bad weather and high travel volumes pushed the airline's operations over the edge.

The bad news is that many banks are on a similar trajectory, piling on technical debt that's impacting customers, employees, and revenue generation.

InformationWeek, Thursday, May 4,2023
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The Daily Number Of Human-Driven Cyber Incidents Increased By 1.5 Times In 2022
Research based on the analysis of incidents reported to customers of Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response (MDR) has revealed that Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts discovered more than three high-severity incidents with direct human involvement every day in 2022.
The efficiency external specialists provided while dealing with cybersecurity solutions and requirements of special knowledge were the main reasons for the companies to outsource external experts in 2022. To address the lack of gaps in expertise among IT Security professionals and provide them with insights on the current threat landscape, Kaspersky analyzed anonymized customer incidents detected by its MDR service.
DARKReading, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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IT News - Security
Hash-Based Message Authentication Code (HMAC)
Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) is a message encryption method that uses a cryptographic key in conjunction with a hash function. It provides the server and the client each with a private key that is known only to that specific server and client, providing a more secure means of encrypting data than a simple Message Authentication Code (MAC).
HMAC is a technique for cryptographic authentication. It uses both a cryptographic hash function and a shared secret key to encrypt information and protect it from unauthorized access. A hash function is an algorithm or mathematical function that converts a message that consists of a variable number of characters into a string with a fixed number of characters. The output value is known as the message digest, hash value or simply hash. The secret cryptographic key is what enables a user to make an encrypted message readable after it has been encrypted by an algorithm.
Search Security, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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What The Phish! Bye-Bye Passwords
Twitter co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey has stepped down from his position, ending his nearly 16-year stint with the social media giant. The company's Board has unanimously appointed Twitter's chief technology officer (CTO) Parag Agrawal as his successor.
Agrawal, who joined the company in 2011, and served as CTO since October 2017, joins the elite list of global tech CEOs from India such as Microsoft's Satya Nadella, Google's Sundar Pichai, IBM's Arvind Krishna, Adobe's Shantanu Narayen and VMWare's Rangarajan Raghuram, among others., Thursday, May 4,2023
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Anatomy Of A Malicious Package Attack
Malicious packages are hard to avoid and hard to detect - unless you know what to look for.
Last January, thousands of users of two popular open source libraries, "faker" and "colors," were shocked to see their applications breaking and showing gibberish data after being infected with a malicious package. And in October, a threat actor published 155 malicious packages to the npm repository in a typosquatting campaign targeting users of 18 legitimate packages, which, combined, typically see more than 1.5 billion weekly downloads. The attacker's goal? To download and install a backdoor password stealer/Trojan.

As the name implies, a malicious package is software that is created with malicious intent. What makes them particularly concerning is that they are remarkably easy to create. Useful for any number of malicious intentions, these packages are hard to avoid and to detect, unless you know what to look for.

DARKReading, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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Insider Risk Detection 101: Mitigating Unintentional Insider Threats
According to the Ponemon Institute's 2022 Cost of Insider Threats Global study, the overall number of insider threat incidents jumped by 44% in the past two years, with non-malicious insiders driving 56% of incidents that cost organizations an average of $484,931 per incident.
In today's increasingly digital and distributed workforce, identifying and responding to insider threats isn't enough - enterprises need to take a more proactive approach to insider risk management to mitigate unintentional insider threats before they occur.

Every insider threat starts as an insider risk, but not every insider risk is a threat. All employees are capable of introducing risk to an organization - from the C-suite to managers to contractors and more. Proactive insider risk detection requires a deeper understanding of the differences in the way malicious and non-malicious users interact with data in order to disrupt potential threats before any significant damage occurs.

DTEX, Thursday, May 4,2023
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Achieving Compliance With Application Security Regulations: A CISO's Guide
No one said being a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) was an easy job. There are numerous concerns competing for attention from CISOs that keep them busy. One of the more pressing concerns pertains to meeting regulatory requirements for application security compliance.
Over the past several decades the use of information systems and applications has become a part of normal operations by organizations across various industries. Many of these industries such as financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare, among many others have a long-standing history of having to meet regulatory compliance standards. As more and more of these orginizations digitally transform, so does the importance of ensuring compliance with application security regulations has grown as well.
Guardrails, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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Cybersecurity - Change Is Coming And That's A Good Thing
Those words were spoken by the US National Security Advisor way back in 2005, and it is remarkable to see how prescient they were. The economy is not only supported by the cyber world, but that world is entirely data driven. Data has become a primary focus, not just for regulatory fodder, but for business survival.
Organisations that recognize the value of data also recognize the need to protect it. This is something which is highlighted in the latest IBM research paper, 'Prosper in the cyber economy - Rethinking cyber risk for business transformation'.

Typically, IBM has highlighted an issue which we have known for a very long time, namely; We need to think differently about cyber security if we are to change the current risks we face.

Before I explore some of the highlights and insights, I think it's worth saying that the report shouldn't be read by Information Security, Cyber security or Data Protection practitioners. It should be mandatory reading for every member of the C-Suite. Remembering that every function within a business creates, uses, shares, and depends on data, the issues this report raises should give everyone in the C-suite cause to pause for thought.

Fortra, Thursday, May 4,2023
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10 Unusual Insider Threat Behavioral Indicators
In today's digital age, the risk of insider threats has become increasingly common. Insider threats can be actions taken by employees, contractors, or partners who intentionally or unintentionally compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of sensitive information.
Identifying such threats can be challenging, as they do not necessarily fit the typical patterns commonly recognized by cybersecurity paradigms. However, there are some unusual data behaviors that can indicate an insider threat.

Here are 10 such behaviors:

Accessing sensitive data outside of normal working hours: If an employee is accessing sensitive data outside of their normal working hours, it may indicate that they are trying to avoid detection or are engaging in unauthorized activities.

Frequent copying of data to external devices: If an employee is frequently copying sensitive data to external devices, it may indicate that they are planning to steal the data or are preparing to leave the company.

Large amounts of data being transferred: If an employee is transferring large amounts of data within a short period, it may indicate that they are trying to quickly steal or leak sensitive information...

LeaksID, Friday, May 5,2023
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3 Ways To Overcome Cybersecurity Staff Shortages In 2023
Cybersecurity staff and skills shortages have been consistent trends over the past few years. According to the (ISC2) 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the 2022 global cybersecurity workforce gap stood at 3.4 million people, an increase of 26.2% from 2021. This means that not only are cybersecurity staff shortages continuing, but they are getting worse and impacting organizations' ability to fight cyberattacks.
According to the report, 70% of organizations believe they do not have sufficient cybersecurity staff to be effective. And over half of employees at organizations with cybersecurity staff shortages rated the risk of a cyberattack, as a result of these shortages, as 'moderate' to 'extreme'. For organizations with 'significant' staff shortages, 20% of employees rated the risk of a cyberattack in their organization as 'extreme'.

Looking at the reasons for cybersecurity staff shortages, the leading causes were an inability to find enough qualified talent (43% of organizations), employee turnover (33%), an inability to offer competitive wages (31%) and low budgets for cybersecurity programs (28%).

Radware, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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Security Culture: What Is It And How Can You Improve It To Protect Your Business?
Security culture is the key to protecting your business from phishing and social engineering attacks. Without it, implementing successful training and having prepared employees is nearly impossible.
What is security culture?

KR: Back when I created the Security Culture Framework, that was one of the first questions we needed to tackle. And we looked to social science and specifically sociology, where culture is defined as the ideas and the customs and the social behaviors of a group.

Then what we did then was just to take that definition of culture and add security. So, the 'security culture' is the ideas, the customs, and social behavior of a group of people. And that means either the whole organization or part of the organization that influences the group's security.

Ckick Armor, Friday, May 5,2023
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7 Reasons To Ditch Endpoint DLP For Endpoint Visibility
Companies worldwide spend billions of dollars on endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) technology, hoping it will protect intellectual property. In theory, it's a good idea. There's just one problem: it doesn't work.
Every day a member of our team meets a company that wants to rip out their DLP product in frustration after encountering troubled installations, bogged down networks, and hundreds of high-maintenance rules. And while DLP offers alerts, it's by and large a placebo effect - it misses more than it actually detects.

So, what's the answer? Organizations are increasingly realizing the need for endpoint visibility to capture the right data, at the right time.

They need actionable data that precedes a potential exfiltration and carries enough behavioral context to inform decision-making as it pertains to insider risk resolution. Importantly, they need a solution that is lightweight, scalable and mindful of employee privacy.

Here are seven reasons why DLP falls short and why contextual, human-centric endpoint visibility yields far more results with a lot less pain:...

DTEX, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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11 Security Tools All Remote Employees Should Have
Compromised employee personal devices and accounts can disrupt and possibly threaten business security. Getting these tools into their hands will help.
It's no secret that humans are the biggest vulnerability to any corporate network. Whether it's an inability to properly manage password complexity across multiple systems, poor social media habits, or even a lack of awareness with things like email links, online shopping, or app and software usage.

A major problem for businesses, particularly in a post-COVID world with so many people working remotely, is the fact that these security challenges employees face extend very easily to their personal devices, while your visibility and control as corporate IT does not. This potential weakness has precedent as a recent compromise of LastPass was attributed to the compromised home computer belonging to a devops engineer.

CSO Online, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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IT News - Storage
The Bigger HDDs Come, The Harder They Fall. Well, Kind Of
Cloud and backup storage supplier Backblaze publishes quarterly hard disk drive failure rate statistics and has just started doing so for its SSD boot drives as well. Not much has changed in the annualized failure rates (AFR) with the latest HDD failure stats. As lifetime drive hours increase, the HDD population grows: there are 236,893 now, and an average AFR of 1.54 percent.
The latest Backblaze HDD AFR report has the usual table of HDD failure numbers by drive model and failure rate charts by capacity. As drives gain more capacity over time, we could say this chart shows a recovery in drive reliability after a 10TB failure rate peak. The newest 16TB drives are now the most reliable in Backblaze's HDD buying history.
Blocks&Files, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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How Long Do HDDs Last?
What if replacing a HDD was more scientific and less speculative? Given the lack of accessible data for HDD failures, the public often relies on abstract advice or conjecture to guide their actions.
This absence of evidence can lead to sudden or permanent data loss for unsuspecting individuals and organizations. At Secure Data Recovery, we believe people deserve more credible, substantive information.

Uncovering the truth about HDD durability

Secure Data Recovery is the authority in RAID, SSD, and HDD recovery. Since 2007, its technicians have encountered all failure scenarios across storage devices and resolved over 100,000 cases. In that time, it has acquired more certifications than other data recovery services, discovered advanced techniques, and invested in facilities and tools., Friday, May 5,2023
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WW SDS Market to Hit $207.6 Billion by 2033
SDS is a storage architecture that completely separates the hardware of a device from its software manager. It simplifies storage management by abstracting it away from the physical infrastructure and implementing it in software, offering greater versatility, scalability, and cost-efficiency compared to traditional storage solutions.
It can be implemented through various methods, such as virtualization, software-based storage controllers and distributed architectures. It enables organizations to manage their storage resources from a centralized interface regardless of where the devices are physically located. This approach helps organizations optimize their resources, maximize utilization rates and simplify storage management.

The global SDS market represented $17.85 billion in 2022 and will anticipate around $207.62 billion by 2033 projected around CAGR of 24.99% amid forecast frame of 2023 to 2033., Tuesday, May 2,2023
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Lenovo News
Lenovo Named Digital Disruptor At The Blue Yonder Iconic Customer Award 2023
Lenovo today won Digital Disruptor category at the Blue Yonder ICONic Customer Award 2023. This award honors companies who are pushing boundaries and driving change across their organization.
By using digital planning solutions, Lenovo has achieved end-to-end transformation and digital disruption. As a result, Lenovo has driven quantifiable impact, challenged traditional norms, and created new and innovative ways of doing business that better meet the needs of Lenovo's customers and business.

The recognition highlights Lenovo's leadership in global supply chain digital transformation. Lenovo's intelligent and resilient supply chain has always been a core strength of the company, with its global hybrid manufacturing footprint of 35+ factories that together see five devices shipped every second to customers in 180 markets.

Lenovo News, Friday, May 12,2023
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Lenovo's Latest Workstations Push The Limits Of Creative Productivity In This New Hybrid Working World
New ThinkStation P3 Tower, Ultra, and Tiny workstations deliver exceptional performance with flexible configurations and versatile form factors
Lenovo unveiled its latest ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstation solutions designed to provide the high levels of power and performance needed to run sophisticated workloads with ISV certifications1. Lenovo workstations are engineered to push the boundaries of performance that help unleash users' potential while maintaining the reliability, usability and configurability needed across a variety of industries.

End users can configure tailor-made workstations built using state-of-the-art components such as 13th Generation Intel Core processors and professional NVIDIA RTX GPUs and supporting the industry's latest operating systems including Windows 11 and several distributions of Linux.

Lenovo News, Tuesday, May 9,2023
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IT News - AI
Top 10 AI Detector Tools For 2023
While generative AI tools like ChatGPT have many positive uses, they are not always used in an ethical manner. Leaders in various industries consider these generative AI tools inappropriate - sometimes even a security risk. Teachers consider generative AI tools as threats to excellence in academics.
Consequently, there is a great need for AI detector tools. AI content detector software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify text written with a generative AI model. The software aims to provide readers with transparency and ensure that only quality content is published.

We analyzed the best AI &#8203;&#8203;detector software, including their unique features, costs, pros and cons to help you determine the best option for your organization's needs.

eWeek, Friday, May 5,2023
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AI vs. Human Ingenuity: Why AI Is Not Yet Ready To Replace Creativity
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting technologies right now. AI tools such as ChatGPT and DALL-E have attracted mainstream media for many reasons, from passing exams to generating alarmingly accurate imagery.
Tapping further into the uncanny, AI tooling has been paired with decentralized technologies and smart contracts to power non-playable characters (NPCs).

This blend of innovative technologies delivers surprising results. Dubbed 'Generative Agents', these NPCs demonstrated believable human behaviors - scoring higher than actual humans!

AiTHORITY, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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Gartner Poll Finds 45% Of Executives Say Chatgpt Has Prompted An Increase In AI Investment
70% of Organizations Currently in Exploration Mode with Generative AI
In a recent Gartner, Inc. poll of more than 2,500 executive leaders, 45% reported that the publicity of ChatGPT has prompted them to increase artificial intelligence (AI) investments. Seventy percent of executives said that their organization is in investigation and exploration mode with generative AI, while 19% are in pilot or production mode.

'The generative AI frenzy shows no signs of abating,' said Frances Karamouzis, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner. 'Organizations are scrambling to determine how much cash to pour into generative AI solutions, which products are worth the investment, when to get started and how to mitigate the risks that come with this emerging technology.'

Gartner, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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Top 9 Generative AI Applications And Tools
Generative AI applications and tools are solutions for generating original content based on training from massive AI models. The largest technology companies in the world and nascent AI startups alike are releasing new generative AI solutions.
These new generative AI releases debut on what feels like a minute-by-minute basis, making it difficult to keep up with this emerging technology.

To provide a comprehensive look at the generative AI tooling landscape, we've compiled this product guide of the top generative AI applications and tools.

These generative AI tools were selected based on their current popularity and accessibility, their relevance and/or uniqueness to the market, and their potential for growth and AI innovation in the near future.

eWeek, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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Generative AI In The Enterprise: Lessons Learned
The use of generative AI in the enterprise is changing software interactions and customer engagement. Four use cases can help IT leaders better understand the tech's potential.
The use of generative AI is just getting started -- and IT leaders should understand what the technology can and can't do.

There is growing excitement over the development and deployment of generative AI, which is changing how people interact with software and how companies interact with customers. As enterprises adopt this technology for business purposes, there are many lessons to learn along the way.

Amid a flurry of product launches and demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of generative AI and the emergence of new startups, it's essential to pause and consider where the most widespread adoption and initial insights exist as organizations deploy this technology in corporate settings.

SearchCIO, Thursday, May 4,2023
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9 Ways To Avoid Falling Prey To AI Washing
CIOs are under increasing pressure to call out misleading AI claims from vendors. Various strategies offer the best line of defense.
In recent months, artificial intelligence has been everyone's favorite buzzword. Both Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies see industries revolutionize as AI steadily picks up pace. But excitement, progress, and red flags like AI washing, are developing in equal measure. Some businesses, desperate to get on the gravy train, want to cash in on the hype, so they overstate their AI capabilities despite the fact that, in reality, the AI they employ is minimal or nonexistent.
CIO, Monday, May 1,2023
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IT News - Technology
3D DRAM Could Be Revolutionary - If It Works
We have become so used to 3D NAND that we forget how revolutionary it was back in 2013. The idea that you could radically increase the density of a NAND wafer by stacking cells instead of just laying them out side by side is now taken for granted.
We have 176-layer 3D NAND in production, 230-layer product coming, and 300-layers in development.

Yet DRAM is stuck fast in the planar era. It is fastened so solidly to 2D production technology that storage-class memories such as Intel's Optane 3D XPoint were developed to provide near-DRAM speed but costs closer to NAND. Optane failed because its costs were kept high by limited production and the complexity of programming its non-volatile memory was too high.

Blocks&Files, Friday, May 5,2023
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HP News
HP And The dscoop Community Celebrate The Print Industry's Digital Transformation
The new HP Indigo 200K digital press makes US debut - accelerating the flexible packaging market's digital transformation
This week, HP is attending dscoop Edge St. Louis, 2023, alongside 1,100 print industry leaders who comprise this unique community. The event presents an opportunity to interact and communicate with a large community of HP customers, and to create competitive advantages for the digital print industry.

'dscoop is about harnessing the power of community to network, communicate, and innovate,' said Haim Levit, SVP & General Manager, HP Industrial Print. 'dscoop is HP's commitment to building an ecosystem that includes our solution partners and allows them to be agile in today's economy. Also, this event is the opportunity for the entire dscoop global community to meet HP personnel, to listen to each other and discuss current and future challenges, and to enable developing a joint roadmap to continued market leadership.'

HP News, Monday, May 8,2023
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IT News - Blockchain
Blockchain In Telecom Market To Grow 210X To $113 Billion By 2030
Blockchain technology is playing a significant role in eliminating incidences of fraud by recording the history of digital assets' transactions between two or more parties in a decentralized environment.
At its core, blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that securely records and verifies transactions without the need for a central authority.

This innovative technology ensures a decentralized, trustless, and immutable ecosystem, making it the perfect solution for a world increasingly reliant on digital data and transactions.

To begin with, it's essential to understand the architecture of a blockchain. The digital ledger is comprised of a series of 'blocks,' each containing a collection of transactions. These blocks are chronologically and cryptographically linked, hence the term 'chain.'

The network operates based on consensus, where multiple nodes (computers) work together to validate and verify transactions, ensuring accuracy and security.

Business 2 Community, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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Microsoft News
Cloud-Based Chip Design For National Security Achieves Key Milestone
Continued U.S. leadership in emerging technology requires a sustainable supply of advanced chips to power innovation from artificial intelligence to quantum computing.
The CHIPS and Science Act, passed last year, aims to boost domestic research and manufacturing capacity for critical microelectronics. To support this ambitious effort, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) launched the Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes (RAMP) using Advanced Commercial Capabilities program, an effort to accelerate the secure, sustainable development of microelectronics for defense technologies.
Microsoft News, Tuesday, May 9,2023
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Introducing The Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program And The 2023 Work Trend Index
Microsoft is bringing Microsoft 365 Copilot to more customers and releasing new research that shows how AI will change the way we work
Earlier this year, Microsoft Corp. introduced Microsoft 365 Copilot, which will bring powerful new generative AI capabilities to apps millions of people use every day like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams and more.

On Tuesday, the company announced it is expanding access to the Microsoft 365 Copilot preview and introducing new features. The company also released new data and insights from its 2023 Work Trend Index report: 'Will AI Fix Work?'

Microsoft News, Tuesday, May 9,2023
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Citrix News
Level Up Your Citrix Workspace Environments With A New UI!
The Citrix Workspace app is a cloud-based platform application that is leveraged by millions of users for secure access to virtual desktops and apps from any device. The Citrix team knows how important it is to provide users with a clean, fast user experience, a modern look and feel, and a hassle-free start to the day.
Since we released the Citrix Workspace app in 2019, we have continued to innovate and improve the user experience through streamlined management and integrations. As we detailed in our recent Destination: Hybrid event, we are focused on delivering the best possible app and desktop experience for your enterprise deployments and have been working to give users better access and control of their resources.

That's why we are excited to announce that we are revamping the cloud-based Workspace user interface (UI) into an ultra-sleek user portal to declutter app and desktop options. We are implementing new features within the UI that will improve the utility and usability of Workspace.

Citrix Blogs, Tuesday, May 9,2023
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Accelerate Your Hybrid Strategy With Citrix & Nutanix Cloud Clusters On Azure
If you haven't picked up on the trend yet, let me just reinforce that Citrix is working overtime in 2023 to help you go all-in on your hybrid multi-cloud strategy.
As we announced earlier this year, we're significantly investing in features and solutions that provide you with the choice and flexibility to develop your environment how you want it, where you want it, and to integrate with solutions you want.

To that end, we know that many of you are leveraging or considering leveraging Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) hybrid multi-cloud software to simplify IT operations, move to the cloud faster, and lower your on-premises cost of operations. We are excited to announce official support for running Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure.

Citrix Blogs, Tuesday, May 9,2023
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HPE News
As Digitalization Demands Increase, It Leaders Miss Vital Connection Between The Enterprise Network And Employee Experiences
Research suggests more organizations realize the network's impact on broader business objectives but opportunity remains to unlock full potential
Despite the continued demand for hybrid working, global IT leaders are failing to recognize the full extent of the connection between their enterprise network and employee experiences. That's according to the latest research released by HPE Aruba Networking, which found that while three quarters of respondents believe digitization is fundamental both to employees being able to do their jobs and for talent attraction and retention, just 55% see the strong relevance of the network to these areas.

The research, which features responses from 2,100 IT leaders across 21 countries, examined how IT leaders are currently approaching the enterprise network, and assessed the extent to which they and the organization understand its role as a business-boosting asset and the impact they are seeing as a result.

HPE News, Thursday, May 11,2023
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Dell News
Data Data Everywhere, Not A Byte To Use
Dell Technologies and Starburst are helping organizations simplify and accelerate data-driven value creation.
The global data footprint is growing at an exponential rate. It's expected to be a few hundred zettabytes (that's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes and counting) in the next few years. Meanwhile, a typical enterprise today manages petabytes of data - spread across on-prem, cloud, edge and multiple systems ranging from relational databases, warehouses, data marts and data lakes.

Recognizing that data access is often the first (and most cumbersome) aspect of activating data, Dell recently announced a partnership with Starburst Data, whose industry-leading platform offers answers to many problems organizations are facing with their data.

Dell Technologies, Friday, May 12,2023
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Dell Technologies Storage Software Innovations Bolster Cyber Resilience And Advance IT Efficiency
Dell PowerStore security enhancements accelerate Zero Trust adoption to help customers better protect, prevent and respond to cyberattacks
Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) advances software-driven innovation across its industry-leading3 storage portfolio, driving increased cyber resiliency, energy efficiency and automation to power customers' multicloud journeys.

Dell's commitment to software development has resulted in more than 2,000 storage portfolio advancements in the past twelve months across every category of the external storage industry. These advances are available at no additional cost to existing customers and are consumable through on-premises software or as-a-Service via Dell APEX.

Dell Technologies, Thursday, May 11,2023
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New Servers Deliver Major Leap In AI Performance
Dell's newly released PowerEdge CPU and GPU servers deliver an incredible jump in performance for AI training and inferencing.
Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming a wide range of industries with new applications emerging every day. As this technology becomes more pervasive, the right infrastructure is necessary to support its growth. Dell Technologies has responded to this growing need by releasing its next-generation PowerEdge rack configuration servers, which deliver a significant boost in capacity and performance over the previous generation.

PowerEdge now offers servers that can be easily installed in or outside the data center. They also include a range of GPU-optimized models that can support a variety of AI use cases from AI to edge and telecom.

Dell Technologies, Thursday, May 11,2023
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Secure And Efficient Storage Is Simpler Than You Think
Five ways the newest PowerStore release makes it easy to safeguard and optimize your enterprise data infrastructure.
If there ever was a time when IT organizations needed the 'easy button,' it's now. Rapid technology change has gifted us unprecedented opportunity to capture value from data - but it's also unleashed new competitive pressures, forcing businesses to move faster than ever before. Meanwhile, a perfect storm of instability in global markets, rising energy costs and staffing pressures have combined to make companies increasingly cautious about expenditures. You need to innovate more every day, but you may not get additional resources.
Dell Technologies, Thursday, May 11,2023
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Seven Services Essentials At Dell Technologies World 2023
Discover what our Services experts have to offer at Dell Technologies World with seven breakout sessions to add to your agenda.
From cybersecurity to multicloud to managing a modern workforce, Dell Technologies Services continues to offer a full, integrated suite of services that meets customers where they are in their digital journey to drive their business forward. If you plan on attending Dell Technologies World 2023 in Las Vegas, you won't want to miss an opportunity to hear how our solutions support complex customer needs in increasingly challenging environments.
Dell Technologies, Wednesday, May 10,2023
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Your Hardware, Now Cloud-Enabled
Dell and MetalSoft enable CSPs to build new revenue streams plus optimize operations with end-to-end bare metal automation.
Did you know you can now consume your bare metal as a service? And not just physical servers but networking and storage too? Cloud service providers, systems integrators and enterprise customers alike can now provide compute, storage and networking to end customers and business units as a service - all deployed at the click of a button.

We're proud to announce Dell Technologies has partnered with MetalSoft, an industry pioneer, innovator and leader in the space of bare metal solutions, to create a joint solution that is unique to the industry that serves integrators, cloud providers and enterprise customers.

Fortinet News, Friday, May 12,2023
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IT News - CRM
How To Reduce Tech Debt In Your CRM Operations
CRM is one of the largest and fastest-growing application software categories - forecasted at an $80 billion market size in 2023 according to Forrester data. SaaS sprawl can be an ugly result of such market penetration success.
In the last decade, CRM vendors have done the industry a disservice by decomposing CRM's application footprint and selling discrete point solutions into departments (for example, selling SFA into sales organizations or customer service applications into contact centers). This means that, today, enterprises have dozens of islands - or more - of disconnected CRM applications with overlapping capabilities. They struggle to create a single view of their customers, to unify processes and to get insights from their CRM that helps drive decision-making.
Forrester, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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IT News - Operations
Gartner Predicts 75% Of Organizations Will Have Implemented A Data Center Infrastructure Sustainability Program By 2027
Analysts to Explore Sustainable IT Infrastructure Trends at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference in Sydney, May 15-16, 2023
Seventy-five percent of organizations will have implemented a data center infrastructure sustainability program driven by cost optimization and stakeholder pressures by 2027, up from less than 5% in 2022, according to Gartner, Inc.

'Responsibilities for sustainability are increasingly being passed down from CIOs to infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to improve IT's environmental performance, particularly around data centers,' said Autumn Stanish, Senior Principal Analyst at Gartner. 'This has led many down the path of greater spend and investment in environmental solutions, but environmental impact shouldn't be the only focus. Sustainability can also have a significant positive impact on non-environmental factors, such as brand, innovation, resilience and attracting talent.'

Gartner, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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Considerations For Converting Buildings Into Modern Data Centers
Remote work, cloud-based computing, and streaming services have increased demand for high-speed internet - and, in turn, a market for secure data centers.
Remote work, cloud-based computing, and streaming entertainment have helped increase demand for widespread high-speed internet access in the last several years. With that demand comes a growing market for secure data centers.

One way developers, building owners, and facility operators are meeting the moment is by working with architects to convert existing buildings into modern data centers. Since 2018, HKS' Mission Critical design practice has renovated or re-purposed more than 250 buildings. Here, we highlight lessons learned from our experience making buildings into something they were not initially designed for.

DataCenter Knowledge, Thursday, May 4,2023
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Data Center Sustainability Becoming The Norm, Not The Exception
Sustainability initiatives like maximizing IT equipment lifecycles, using renewable energy and more can help save money, improve the environment and insulate themselves against risk, according to Gartner report.
The proportion of companies implementing a data center infrastructure sustainability program will rise from about 5% in 2022 all the way to 75% by 2027, as sustainability becomes an increasingly central consideration for cost optimization and risk management, according to new data from Gartner Research.

Respondents to a recent global survey of 221 IT leaders conducted by Gartner said that sustainability is already on the march within their organizations, with 42% saying that environmentally friendly choices are helping to drive business growth and provide a differentiator to their competition, and 29% reporting that it's helping to create strategic value through industry partnerships.

Networkworld, Wednesday, May 3,2023
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5 Data Center Myths Debunked
From who runs them, to where they're located, to how sustainable they are, here are five common misconceptions about data centers.
Anyone living in a modern, digital economy literally depends on data centers all day long. Yet few people fully understand how data centers work. Even seasoned IT professionals don't always have a good sense of what goes on in data centers, how data centers relate to the broader IT industry, or even where data centers are located.

To prove the point, let's look at five common misconceptions about data centers and explain why they're wrong.

DataCenter Knowledge, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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12 Best Software For Data Center Server Management
When a company grows its demand for computing resources grows as well. It works for regular companies as for providers, including those renting out dedicated servers. When the total number of racks exceeds 10 you'll start facing issues.
How do inventory servers and spares? How to maintain a data center in good health, locating and fixing potential threats on time. How to find the rack with broken equipment? How to prepare physical machines to work? carrying out these tasks manually will take too much time otherwise will require having a huge team of administrators in your IT department.

However, there is a better solution - using special software that automates Data Center Management. Let's have a review of the tools for running a Data Center that we have on the market today.

TechMint, Tuesday, May 2,2023
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IT News - Networks
6G: What Is It, How Fast Will It Be, & When Will It Launch?
Network planning initiatives in the U.S. and around the world have 6G all over the news, but you may be wondering when it'll be all over your town. Curious about 6G and when upgrading to 6G will even a possibility? Here's what we know.
What Is 6G?

'6G' is shorthand for sixth-generation cellular network technology. Just like Wi-Fi generations are identified by simple increments like Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi 7, the different generations of cellular technology are, too.

Consumer cellphones arrived in 1981 with the release of the first commercial cellphone-running on analog technology that we now refer to as 1G. Roughly every ten years after that, a new generation of cellular tech arrived. 2G arrived in 1992, 3G in 2001, 4G in 2009, and 5G in 2019.

How-To Geek, Friday, May 5,2023
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IDC Telecom Services Tracker Finds The Market Growth Is Speeding Up As The Effects Of Inflation Are Becoming Visible In All Global Regions
Worldwide spending on Telecom Services and Pay TV Services reached $1,478 billion in 2022, increasing by 2.2% year over year, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual Telecom Services Tracker.
IDC expects Worldwide spending on Telecom and Pay TV services will increase by 2.0% next year and reach a total of $1,541 billion. The latest forecast is slightly more optimistic compared to the version published in November last year as it assumes a 0.3 percentage point higher growth in 2023. IDC believes this acceleration is a consequence of the increase in tariffs of telecommunication services fueled by inflation.
IDC, Friday, May 5,2023
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